About Us

Frustrated with trying to find a premium heavy duty saber with local sales support and warranty? Look no more, Lightning Stik was established with Star Wars' fans in mind. We are a local Australian business established with the sole purpose of supplying and arming the Aussie Jedi Knights and Dark Lords all things saber.

We started as a hobby seller in 2018 and within a few short years expanded to a professional business specialising in high quality heavy duty sabers, replacement parts, repairs and accessories. You will be amazed at our large range of sabers from budget metal sabers to premium realistic sabers. We have base-lit and LED-pixel sabers. We have standard and smooth swing boards that are economical, and Xeno Boards with DIY/Custom visual audio effects for the saber enthusiast.

We also offer sabre smith services. Please contact us for a quote to revive your broken saber.

All our products and services are guaranteed against defects for 12 months and we offer unlimited after sales support and high quality customer service. Feel free to contact us with any of your enquiries. We will aim to get back to you within 24 hours.

Did you noticed? Most of our sabers are named after natural lightning phenomenon.

It's not just a stick, it is a Lightning Stik!