Saber Mobile App - Xeno Configurator

Downloading the Mobile App

Sabers that are equipped with a Xeno v3 Pixel or XRBG V3 Baselit soundboard can be remotely controlled with a smartphone by downloading the Xeno Configurator App.

For both Apple and Google Play Stores, search for Xeno Configurator and look for the App with the X icon as per picture below.


  • Android phone users can download the Xeno Configurator App by clicking here.
  • Apple Phone users can download the App by clicking here.

Connecting a Smartphone to the Saber

1. After the Xeno Configurator App has been installed, turn on Bluetooth on the smartphone.

2. Turn on the saber. The saber must be turned on (not be in standby mode).

3. Place the smartphone right next to the hilt of the saber.

4. Open the Xeno Configurator App and follow the on screen instructions. 

Please note: The saber might have problem connecting if you have other bluetooth devices nearby or the phone is too far away from the saber. If connection can not be established, try turning off the bluetooth on the phone and turning the saber off and on then try again.

Mobile App Menu


Please note: that some features are only available for the Pixel Variant and the SD Card file management features are disabled and will be available in future releases.