Xeno Pixel V3 Technology

The wait is over, the new Xeno Pixel V3 and XRGB V3 Sound Boards have arrived.

The Xeno Pixel V3 is the latest state of the art technology in the custom pixel saber industry.

It boasts:

  • Mobile Bluetooth Control, free Saber Mobile App for iOS and Android devices.
  • Motion Gesture.
  • Ultra Smooth Swing, Blaster, Lock-up, Heart Beat, Force Blade, Candy Blade, Broken Ignition, Rainbow Blade, Flash on Clash, Drag, Melt, humming, light up, power off sound effects and more...
  • 34 Fonts of Sound (Kylo Ren, Darksaber, Fallen Order, ESB Graflex, Ben Solo, The Flex, Sith, Rey Skywalker, Leia + more...).
  • Multiple sets of sound effects plus mute.
  • Add your our DIY sound fonts.
  • Infinite Colours plus custom colours.
  • Firmware updates.

The XRGB V3 is the base-lit equivalent of the Xeno Pixel V3.

Below is a schematic of the Xeno Pixel V3 schematics:

saber electronics PCB soundboard schematics

Below is a video demonstrating the wiring of the Chip to the components of a saber: