Our sabers are solid build, please use it responsibly, do not hit another person with it as it can cause injuries.

How long do you need to prepare the order?
We aim to dispatch your order the next business day at the latest.

What shipping options do you offer?
For domestic postage, we have two shipping options available:
1. AusPost standard postage with tracking.
2. AusPost express postage with tracking.

For international postage, we use FedEx, DHL, Auspost or ePacket.

Do you offer free shipping?
We offer free shipping for orders over $250.

Can I pick up locally to save on postage?
Yes, we are located in Canberra, Australia. Please contact us before placing an order if you like to pick up in person.

Do you offer international shipping?
Yes, we ship to most parts of the world. Orders outside of Australia may be shipped from one of our international warehouses depending on proximity and shipping speed.

What is the warranty and support?
We offer 12 months warranty on any defects that is not caused by misuse. We offer unlimited aftersales support. If you need to make a warranty claim, please contact us with the order number and the issue. Please refer to our Refund Policy for further details.

Can I request for a Refund?
Yes, you can return your item for a refund within 30 days of purchase. Please refer to our Refund Policy for further details.

Can I cancel/amend an Order?
Yes, if your order has not been shipped, you may contact us to cancel/amend the order.

How tough are the sabers?
All our sabers blades are made of heavy duty PVC plastic and hilts are made of aircraft-grade aluminium alloy designed for to withstand drops and blows.

What is a LED-Pixel blade?
The whole blade is made up of LED Pixels. Please refer to our LED-Pixel Technology page for more details.

What is a Base-lit blade?
The blade is lit up with a LED lamp at the bottom of the blade. Please refer to our Base-lit Technology page for more details.

What is Smooth Swing?
Smooth swing refers to the ability of a saber in making a swoosh sound that perfectly timed to your swing and movements of the saber.

Does your sabers have smooth swing?
Majority of our sabers have smooth swing. The sabers that have smooth swing are indicated in the descriptions of the individual saber listings.

What length does the blades come in?
The base-lits blades comes in 78cm and 92cm, a shorter blade can be custom ordered (but will cost the same price as a 78cm blade). The LED-Pixel blades comes in 92cm long only.

What outer diameter size does the blades come in?
Our saber hilts comes in two sizes, a thinner hilt that fit blades with 7/8 inch outer diameter and a thicker hilt that fit blades with 1 inch outer diameter.

Can a wore out blade be replaced?
Yes, we supply replacement blades, the blades can easily be attached or detached to the saber hilt using the supplied Allen key. Please note that you must replace the blade of the same outer diameter size and same type (i.e. Base-lit vs LED-Pixel).

Is the LED-Pixel blade for the Xeno and Proffie boards the same?
Yes, the Xeno and Proffie boards both use the same type of LED-Pixel blade.

What is the difference between a Xeno board and a Proffie board?
Main difference is the Proffie board offers DIY custom sound fonts and lighting effects. Please see our explanation in the Proffie Technology page.

What type of charger should I use?
You can plug the supplied USB charging line into any wall chargers, power banks and computers/laptops that have an output parameter of 5V1A.

Do you manufacturer your own sabers?
No, we are a saber retailer and we also offer sabersmith services. We aim to source high quality combat sabers for our customers, while offering local warranty and aftersales support.