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Lightning Stik

Super Charge - Metal Saber Heavy Duty Sabre 21 Sound Fonts LED-Pixel Blade

Super Charge - Metal Saber Heavy Duty Sabre 21 Sound Fonts LED-Pixel Blade

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Hilt Colour

Model: Super Charge Stik

Material: Metal handle, Heavy Duty Combat Grade PC blade

Size (approx): Handle 30.5 cm. blade 92cm, total length 107cm

Blade diameter: 1 inch

Handle color: Silver or Gold.

Materials: Hilt made with Frosted Aluminum alloy. Blade with by Light Diffusion PC.

Charging: USB fast charging

Charging time: 4-8hoursCharging Voltage: 5V 1A (MAX)

Speak: 3 Watt 

Warranty: One year, AU Local Warranty.

Features: Blaster, Smooth Swing, Lock-up, Heart Beat, Rainbow Blade, Flash on Clash,
Drag, Melt, buzzing, light up, power off sound effects and more.
Blade wall: LED pixel Blade is 3mm thickness.

Battery:18650 3.7V Battery 3000mah

Blade is made up of LED strip pixels.

Xeno Sound board with removable SD Card and custom sound font support.
Firmware updates are available regularly, you need to download the "update.bin" file on your computer.
Five kinds of light effects (pulse, fire blade, stable, unstable, rainbow blade).
Three power-on blade light effects (Blaster blade, Ghost blade, Standard blade).
There are specific motion control modes (turn lightsaber switch, push pull switch, swing switch).
Activate background music with motion control.
21 Sound fonts Eg. Kylo Ren, Darksaber, Fallen Order, ESB Graflex, Ben Solo, The Flex, Sith, Rey Skywalker, Leia and many more.
Standby state: long press the button light until the button light turns on ,then release to enter the standby state.
Power on: click the button in the standby state to enter the power on.
When the blade is lit:Shooting mode: In the power-on state, click the button once to enter the shooting mode.
Drag the sword mode: In the power-on state, press and hold the button light until the button light flashes once then release to enter the drag sword mode, click to exit the drag sword mode.
Promise colour change: in the power-on state, press and hold the button light until the light flashes 2 times then release to enter the colour change mode (click to exit the colour change and automatically select the colour).
Jumping and changing colour: Keep pressing the button light in the power-on state, and jitter left and right to enter the beating mode (need to be fast), the saber should be facing down.
Trigger the force: in the power-on state, keep pressing the button and turn the handle (imitating the force used in the movie to fight) the saber should be facing up.
When the blade is off: Adjust the volume of the sound: in the standby state, click the button light until the light flash 1 time, then release (three types of volume can be adjusted: Mute / Volume Low / Volume High).
Switch the light effect: in the standby state, press and hold the button light until the light flashes 2 times, then release (Pulse, Fire blade, Steady, Unstable, Rainbow blade-there are two rainbow blades).
Switch the power-on light effect: In the standby state, press and hold the button light until the light flashes 3 times, then release (then click again, and the power-on light effect will appear different).
Switch sound effects: In the standby mode, press and hold the button light until the light flashes 4 times, then release (switch to the saber sound effect of the corresponding movie character, and then click on the opportunity to find the gunshot, drag sword mode, sword mode, knock The hitting sound and the smooth swinging sound are also different (different under each sound effect, but the change is not very big, please pay attention to the distinction).
Quickly switch the sound effect: in the standby mode, quickly turn the handle downwards with the saber (first counter clockwise and then clockwise).
Swordsmanship mode: In the power-on state, long press the button light with one hand, and immediately tap the handle with the other hand.
Play background music: In the standby mode, the saber quickly rotates upwards (counter clockwise and then clockwise) to play the background music or turn off the background music.
Flash on Clash: Sound appears when the saber hits an object.
Specific switch mode: While in standby mode:
1. Rotate somatosensory turn on: Turn the saber to turn on and off.
2. Gesture push and pull to turn on: Push the saber forward to turn on, and pull back to turn off; push the saber up to turn on, pull down the saber.
3. Wielding somatosensory switch machine: swing sword switch machine.

1.The handle and blade can be dismantled.

2.The tube/sword body is very strong and can be used for combat.

3.Please use our charging cable to charger the saber first.

4.Good quality 5V 1 amp wall charger is suitable.

5.If saber has no sound long press button to activate sound when saber off.


1 x handle

1 x LED-Pixel blade

1 x USB charging line

1 x Six angle wrench

2 x spare screws

1 x Instructions

Packaged safely for shipping.


1.Not suitable for children under 6 years.

2.Do not use it to hit another person.

3.This product is a LED luminous toy. Long time direct vision may affect your eyesight.

4.The left and right screws of the handle of the hilt are fixed, and can be rotated.

5.The screws on the handle are used for fixing internal fittings. No dismantling is allowed.

Please note: colour of item(s) might vary slightly depending on your computer monitor, thanks for your understanding.

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