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Lightning Stik

Realistic Metal Saber NEO LED-Pixel blade 21 sound fonts infinite colours - KR1

Realistic Metal Saber NEO LED-Pixel blade 21 sound fonts infinite colours - KR1

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Quality finish with durable LED-pixel blade giving superior lighting effects and combat durable.

All 3 blades are LED-pixel (NEO-PIXEL) blades and light effects are synchronized.

Powered by the famous Xenopixel v2, giving you smooth swing, many lighting effects, infinite colours, 21 built in sound fonts, and DIY sound fonts supported.


Model: Collectors KR-1

Material of hilt: Multiple Metal

Material of main blade: Removable PC Poly Carbonate, Combat Grade Heavy Duty Blade

Side blades: Glass LED-pixel blade.

Size of hilt: 28cm, 3.5cm diameter

Size of blade: Thick 1' outer diameter heavy duelling blade, super durable 3mm wall thickness, 92cm long.

Total length: approx. 110cm

Light: LED-Pixel Blade (256 LEDs).

Battery: 18650 battery(3600MAH)

Color of blade: Infinite colour changes as per your selection,

Sound: 21 Fonts of Sound (Kylo Ren, Dark saber, Fallen Order, ESB Graflex, Ben Solo, The Flex, Sith, Rey Skywalker, Leia...). Multiple sets of sound effects plus mute.

Soundboard: Xenopixel v2 Sound board with removable SD Card and custom sound font support.

Hilt Plug is included.

Features: Blaster, Smooth Swing, Lock-up, Heart Beat, Rainbow Blade, Flash on Clash, Drag, Melt and more.

Firmware updates are available regularly, you need to download the "update.bin" file on your computer.

Five kinds of light effects (pulse, fire blade, stable, unstable, rainbow blade).

Three power-on blade light effects (Blaster blade, Ghost blade, Standard blade).

There are specific motion control modes (turn saber switch, push/pull switch, swing switch).

Activate background music with motion control/gesture.

Warranty: One year

Package includes:

-Hilt plug


-Charging cable

-Neopixel Main Blade Blade

-Neopixel Side Blade x 2

-Display Stand


-packaged in retail cartoon box, well protected during shipping.

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